Home of the Famous Billionaire of China

The home of the famous Billionaire of China, Shen Wansan (1330-1379)  is Zhouzhuang, Shanghai.   It is also the first water town in China started around 1086 AD.   This town reflects the way of life of the 14th century when stone buildings were built beside the waterways for ease of transport.  There are many stone canals and bridges in this ancient town which adds to the creation of an extraordinary scenic sight.

Legend has it.  Mr. Shen became so wealthy because he had a treasure bowl that attracted wealth.  Even the first emperor of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, believed and wanted it for himself.  When he didn’t get it, he confiscated Mr. Shen Wansan’s wealth and exiled him and his sons.  The treasure bowl was never found.   There are many treasure bowls around this town that claimed to be the one.  Who knows?  You could be the lucky one that finds it !!!!

Entrance to Zhouzhang
Entrance to Zhouzhang
The connecting bridge
The connecting bridge
the waterway
the waterway

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