Taiwan Lantern Festival of 2016

Every year Taiwan has a Lantern Festival to start a fresh and bright year and at the same time mark the end to the celebration of Chinese New Year.  This year’s venue was chosen to be in TaoYuan.  As always, it outshines the years before.  This website takes you to the official opening of the Lantern Festival.  http://taiwan.net.tw/2016taiwanlantern/Article.aspx?sNo=01000010

According to the Chinese Calendar, this year is the year of the Monkey.  Therefore, the Monkey will be the main theme.  This year, of course, will be spirited, energetic, and vibrant like the character of the monkey.

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2016
Monkey King with Longivity Peach
Monkey King with Longevity Peach
Garden of the Longevity Peach
Garden of the Longevity Peach
Greetings from Happy Buddha
Greetings from Happy Buddha
Magical Garden
Magical Garden
The stablelize pole of the Dragon King Palace
The stabilizer pole of the Dragon King Palace
The Monkey's vitality and energy will the spirit to this year
The Monkey’s vitality and energy spirited this year.
Galloping forward to success
Galloping forward to success

There are plenty more to see and needless to say, nothing beats the personal experience in this magical world in the night.


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