Huang Cheng Xiang Fu of Shangxi

The House of Huangcheng Chancellor

This arch stands forefront as we enter the gate. It is decorated with carvings of phoenixes and other auspicious symbols. It is a list of all the members of the family who were in government with their titles.
The fortress wall surrounding the city. It was build in the latter years of Ming Dynasty when bandits and robbers were everywhere.


Steps going up to the watch tower
The fortified city wall and the highest point

This large complex was started in the Ming Dynasty and finished in the Qing Dynasty (1368-1911) and was the resident of  Chen Tingjing , Premier of Qing Dynasty which Emperor Kangxi referred as the “perfect man”.  He served as head in different departments of the government except the department of defense.  He served as the teacher of Kangxi for a time and later Kangxi sought his counsel frequently.  Emperor Kangxi stayed in his home for a period of time when he was visiting this area.  In his later days, he was asked to stayed on service in helping to compile and proofread for the Kangxi Dictionary of the Chinese Characters which is still being referred to today.  He died at age 74 before this dictionary was published.  He served 50 some years in office away from home.

The first issue of Kangxi Dictionary  in 1716 consist of 47,035 Chinese Characters including characters of different dialects. It still serves as the foundation for Chinese dictionaries of today.

The Chen clan were farmers and then move on to coal mining.  They amassed their wealth and emphasized on educating their young.  It proved that through education can achieve a higher goal in life.  From 1501 to 1700 , the family had 66 members  who passed imperial exams.

Below are pictures of the family courtyard of his living quarters which he hardly lived in during his lifetime in office.






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