Luya Mountain(蘆芽山), Shanxi(山西省)

Scenic Area of the Luya Mountain

Luya Mountain, named due to its highest peak which look like an asparagus shoot, located at the northern part of Shanxi Province of China, contains the source of Fen River (汾河) and Shanggan River(桑幹河) the two major tributaries of the Yellow River of China.     Its intact ecosystem along with its complex geography and biodiversity placed it on the tentative UNESCO list .  Besides the Million Years Ice Cave on this mountain,  there are many other tourist area such as the Fen River Source Park.

Along the way The Stone Pot formed at the 4th ice age. It’s height of 3 meters and width of 2 meters at an incline is still quite rigid. There is a legend that one time when the Fen River overflowed. The master curtailed the flood by placing the large pot filled with the waters of Fenhe River and boiled down the water.
Temple of Thunder (雷鸣寺) seated at the Fen River Source Park. Below the right side of the temple is the Pavilion of Fen River source.


The Pavilion of Fen River Source. Under the structure is where water comes up-ground into this dome covered well and flow into the FenYuang Lake before it joins the Fen River


Also the Shimen Hanging Coffin(石门悬棺) which were discovered 1,000 years ago.  Nothing is known for sure about these coffins.  It could have been the custom burial of the Bo people but no one knows for sure.  There are a total of 11 coffins found here.

And then there is the cliff trails of 42 kilometers which only a portion of it has been restored and open for the adventurous.

The cliff paths connect between the mountains which was believed to be built around 785-780 during the Tang Dynasty the same time as this small hanging temple (小悬空寺) about 100 meters above ground.



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