Budapest, Hungary ( anUNESCO Heritage Site)

Budapest,  the capital city of Hungary sits on the Danube with Buda part of the city on the west bank and the Pest part of the city on the east bank.  It is one of the large city in the European Union.  The Pest part of the city is on flat land but the Buda side is on the hills.  They are connected by the Chain Bridge and the White Bridge or Elizabeth Bridge and 5 other bridges.

Below is the night scene of the bridges.

20171114_103941 (1)
The White Bridge  and the Liberty Bridge over the Danube River

Budapest has 80 geothermal springs and the largest underground thermal water cave system.  This is why there are a lot of public bath houses here.


One of the famous bathhouse in Budapest along the Danube on the Buda side of the Liberty Bridge.

Being a major city during the Roman Empire as well as the Ottoman Empire and then became the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  It was the center of cultural exchange since ancient time so one will find a blend of the finest of east and the west.  Especially in its architectural style.

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City Park

On Castle Hill of the Buda side is named Fisherman’s Bastion, due to the fact that this stretch of the Danube used to be protected by the fishermen’s guild in the Middle Ages.  The terrace on top of the Castle Hill has a panoramic view of the Danube River, Pest part of the city, Margaret Island, and Gellert Hill.

Here is the view from Castle Hill.

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The Great Market Hall built in 1896 at Fovam Square near Liberty Bridge.  It is the oldest and largest indoor market in Budapest.

Scenes from the indoor market



I wonder if they sell horse meat here or Hungarian wine. Whatever the mural is interesting.




Too cold for ice bar but we had delicious hot apple cider here.









The market leads to Vaci Street, the famous street for pedestrians.  It has a variety of shops and restaurants but walking in a -4 degree Centigrade temperature only resulted in 2 pictures, that was after I had a deliciously warm cup of apple cider.

Budapest is a beautiful city by day, but by night the banks of Danube becomes spectacular.

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