Han Yang Ling(漢陽陵)

Han Yang Ling(漢陽陵)

An underground Mausoleum of Western Han Dynasty, the tomb of the fourth  Han Emperor Jing and Empress Wang located in Xianyang City of Shaanxi Province, China.  The tomb was built around 153AD.  Each pit was arranged according to the different departments in the palace so that life would be able to continue after death as usual.  There is a pit of the kitchen with kitchen utensils and terra-cotta figurines of cooks and workers.   All the figurines found were without arms or clothes because the arms were made of wood so they along with the clothes had decayed.  There were approximately 50,000 terra cotta figurines found so far along with different artifacts.   The burial ground covers an area of 20 square kilometers but only a portion has been excavated and open to the public.  The rest will still be preserved underground til a later date.  There are figurines of sheep, goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and dogs kept in the pit for food storage.  Another contained actual grains and vegetables had all turned to black powder like coal.    Picture taking was not allowed so these are only pictures found on the internet to give my reader a visual impression.  Below is the pit of the concubine figurines

Below are samples of the different artifacts found



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